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EOVotes4Pedro's News

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - May 19th, 2008

Our band TSH will soon be making a new collab EP with Garyevor,
possibly the best classical composer on this site. (garyevor.newgrounds.com)

We'll cover 3 of his songs, that will be
Before and After
That Girl (1st Try)

We're not sure which songs he'll cover of ours yet, but we'll wait for what that day will bring!


Collaberation EP with Garyevor

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - May 10th, 2008

I seriously want change in this world.

this world is horrible, and there's so many crimes it disgusts me.

it also disgusts everyone in my band Tell Stella High,
because we just read about an 11 year old killing an adult with a shotgun.

don't worry, satan will be nonexistant soon enough.

this world

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - May 6th, 2008

I named him Jason.

This is the best Epiphone SG I have ever had...

...it's the first epiphone SG I have ever had...

New Guitar. Yessss...

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - April 21st, 2008

/* */
eo here!

well, our band TSH loves this song to pieces. it's called "adam's song" and is by blink-182

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - April 18th, 2008

Whoever is dropping zeros on our TSH songs...

leave me the crap alone.

if it's because we dropped a low score on one of your songs,
retaliation isn't always the smart thing. because you know we
could do it right back. then again, maybe we'll be good little boys
and we'll leave good reviews on yours after you leave a bad
one on ours (DOMESTIC TERRORIST...)

heres a proverb of some sort:

"Kindness in retrurn for rudeness is burning coals on the head of the evildoer".

so if you can understand that, we may be just teenagers just starting out.
don't be a complete jerk and vote "zero" automatically before you even hear
it. you may even like it : )

peace out

ps. oh, and here's to the worthless user who votes "zero" repediatley on our songs:

May Zero Bombers Perish.

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - April 1st, 2008

heres the official update, people...there isn't going to be a triple disc release anymore.
we decided that's too overwhelming to make that many songs for just one album, because
with that many songs, we could have THREE whole studio albums right there!! so anyway,
we're still deciding on a title, too. but we CAN tell you we already have two fresh new songs written for the album so far!! thanks for reading and stay with us. bye bye


Tell Stella High "TSH"

Forget Everything I Said in my last post!!

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - March 10th, 2008

EO here!

OK, TSH has decided this...Damian Parkerson, the vocalist and bass player of TSH(our band)
has decided he is a better singer than he is bass player. So here is our new arrangement:

Damian Parkerson: Vocals
EO(me): All Guitars, Keyboards
Eli Brown: Bass
Antoine Phillips: Drums, Percussion.

That's all we have to say.

Included is the cover of our new album "The Northern and Southern Lights".

Goodbye for now...

New Band Switching!

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - March 8th, 2008

Fellow goers of newgrounds, this is one amazing audio artist on this site. His name...his name is Garyevor. Search him now, and his prominent genre is Classical. Honestly, you WILL be amazed. Oh, and do you like Green Day? Well, here's my inspiration from their "Nimrod" CD.

Check out Garyevor. Honestly.

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - March 5th, 2008


Ok, here's another awesomely scary screamer. Uh, no...I didn't make it...but it's pretty darn funny to see your friend's reactions. You can also email a response.

Click here for E-mailClick here to scare your siblings or friends.

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - November 8th, 2007

Do you have a little brother or sister? Excellent. Click on the link below and show them.
Oh, and leave a comment afterwords.