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TSH Season One: Summary August 07 - August 08

Posted by EOVotes4Pedro - August 19th, 2008

EO Here!

So, season one of TSH wraps up September 1st, 2008. That's the day before school starts... :(
However, the second season of TSH starts September 5th, that Friday!

Oh, and so you know, it's not a show. We just view our years together as seasons.

Here's my overall summary of TSH's first season together.
(I'm just giving the albums the awards just based on the reviews on this site and our peers.)

Season One: Broken Bottles and Accidental Hellos


"Where Dreams Come True"
Release Date: 12-31-08
Average: 3.5

"Low" (still on Newgrounds!)
"Like Wood (Hit the Road)" (also still on Newgrounds!)
"Passing the Time" (another one on newgrounds.)

Overall, our friends and peers who also live in the outback though this album was decent.
Doesn't really need any awards for this one, almost a gold. But hey, it was our first.

Release Date: 6-11-08
Average: 4.3

Singles: (all of these are on the Audio Portal.)
"Summer Mellowness"
"Chances & Pasts"
"I Am You"
"Ohio (feat. Garyevor)"
"Winter '08"

Wow, six singles! They're all on NG, so you can hear them. This one was reviewed alot better than "Where Dreams Come True". This one was produced by Garyevor, who did some organs
on "Ohio". That one was very successful, along with "Chances and Pasts".

"Chapter Three"
Release Date: 8-1-08
Average: 5
-Platnium 3x-

Singles: (all on Newgrounds)
"Winter Road"
"Where You Are"
"Austin (She Says)" (apparently the biggest hit)

Another six singles. This was our best reviewed album on this site, and our best scored album as well. It's apparent that "Austin" and "Valencia" were the 2 best on the album. Our fans on NG gave us
an average on 10/10 for Austin and 9/10 for Valencia as of today. We'll probably never make another
album as classic as this one. Thanks NG! ;D

So, those are the albums. Here are the best of the other singles on this site in order:
(all on Newgrounds)

20. helpmeiamunderwater
19. Under_Judgement
18. When We Walk On Air
17. Friday Moments
16. Rite of Summer
15. Preachers With Guns
14. Screamer
13. Little White Truths
12. Thus Always To Tyrants
11. A July Morning Epilouge
10. A Liar Between the Bars
9. The Long Way Home
8. No Gravity
7. Airplane '95
6. Welcome to the Outback
5. Piano Daydreaming
4. Me + Your Name Here
3. Fever
2. Bassline 6.6
1. School's Out!

Well, that's it for Season One. We may upload some more songs before Season 2 of TSH starts,
but it will be in the second season anyways. Bye for now, everyone!


PS. Enclosed is the new cover for the third album.

TSH Season One: Summary August 07 - August 08

Comments (6)

thanks dude!!

no prob! :)

do u have a abum awesome

yup, here's the reviews of all three.

wow that is a cool album cover hey what font is thAT

hey thanks i downloaded it
it's called ginga

sweet thanks so what is your fav tsh song


i would have to say "austin".

mine would have to be valencia

sweet that one's good too.

i think the 3 best on our "chapter three" album (in order) are

austin, valencia, winter road

Not all secrets lie the ground shall devour you while you sleep.

...i better not fall asleep then...