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alright, now HERE's your music!

it's not bad, i personally wouldn't download it, but apparently you are a guitar player like me! i would definetly rate higher if it had some accompanying insterments, tho!


still a good try...

i mean, its OK, but it would probably still blow someone's eardrums out if they were using earbuds. i'd like to hear some music from you!



yes, please send your stuff to a record company...i WILL buy it when i find it! nice tune, nice vocals, as always. good work!

your friend,

starvingdude responds:

Go to www.myspace.com/goot and buy his NEW cd there, also, you can buy them on iTunes!

another amazing song from you!

awesome tune, it even sounds good reversed, and it's going on my mp3 player. 5/5 stars, you deserve it.

your friend,

amazing. this is a total inspiration to my band.

thank you for making this...you are amazing. my other favorite song you do is "BFG23!". where'd you get the title? please respond to this!

your friend,


i love this song so much! i would never be able to make this kind of stuff so thats why i admire it! this is definetly the site's best song so far, and i hope to hear more songs like this from you.

your friend,
-eo from TSH

really awesome, great submission!

this is a favorite of mine on this site for sure. my band is TSH, maybe if its ok with you i can put a link to some of your songs on my bands blog, please respond!

thanks for submitting it.

your friend,

starvingdude responds:

Thatll be all right =]

Maybe swap a few links/songs?

P.M. me back

nice job

well, someone voted a "0.00/5.00"...i voted a five because its awesome. its good, just it gets a little boring(no offense) after a minute tho. good work anyways!

your friend,

Pretty Nice!

i like this, and im downloading it because its very good. nice job!

your friend,

NipplesMaster responds:

thanx always a pleasure...

i like this!

nice beat, pretty good rythm...i think this is one of my favs of yours!


Music...Music is remarkable

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