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love it dude. nice keyboards and guitarwork. also...i am the first to review this epic song by the legendary SBB!! :D


really good work. ...and i did the backgrounds guitars, too....

also, i would add lyrics to this. i agree completley with the reviews below me.

great song, good use of strings and guitars.

i love this one, especially the acoustic dual leads!

also...who has ruined the score? it is currently 2.63/5.00, but it deserves something in at least 4.20 or higher. (perferably higher)

whoever has zero-bombed this probably has no audio.

again, wonderful!

garyevor responds:

Thanks eo for your nice thoughts and I've really enjoyed adding acoustic guitar to some of my songs lately. Your thoughts about bombing our music is to be expected! Beauty is in the ears and head of the one compossing, and that's what counts. It's a bonus when others enjoy our music. If someone doesn't enjoy it that doesn't detract from the joy we feel when we're able to express what's in our deepest feelings by our music. Keep playing your music, you're really quite a musician yourself. gpa

this is really good

nice work, man. nice use of insterments, and for the most part, nicely put together.

my only critisism:
i don't think that the other insterments should come in so suddenly, i think that the keyboard and guitar at the beginning should have at least a minute worth of playing, then the drums come in, THEN the other insterments come in. but that's only my thoughts.

the good:
Wow. the guitar solo around 2 : 50 is seriously ROCK. amazing. keep up this good work.

also...the keyboard is what almost took me into a dream(trying not to sound
girly), and it was really good. PLEASE make more!

also, check out my band's stuff, you might like it.


howli responds:

yeh i will agree with you there, u see when this was in its early stages (around 10 this morning) i thought that that first little drop was really heavy and then i get u, it sounds a tad cluttered now. oh well, its done now...
thanks for the kind words about the solo, always gd to hear.
i'll check out your band rite now.

this is funny...and good

i'm not holding anything against ibhenowflee, but this song is awesome. hooray for gir ;D

not bad

i like it, good lead guitar especially.

only thing: the rythm guitar is sometimes in the need of good timing, the rythm should match it up.

besides that, 9/10, 4/5, and i put it under my favorites.

please check out my band's stuff!


really good

the title doesn't fit it at all, i will say that. but that doesn't ruin the song one bit, this is really good!


whoever voted a zero or a one on this should get their hearing checked. this is awesome. nice lyrics, by the way :D

Jakspeed responds:

Hey thanks a lot, I was hoping somebody would comment on our lyrics. We try to put out a very unique style, and we tend to write very metaphorically and symbolically, which then in turn can be interpreted in many different ways.

Oh yeah, I don't know who keeps voting low, but everyone that comments on the song seems to enjoy it.

really good

i like this one. especially the "creeping" noises, really makes you feel like you're going to the center of the earth and beyond in this one.


is this Fruity Loops? i love this song. the only reason for the 2 stars lost--i think it should be just a TAD bit longer and i'd give it possibly an 11/10!


Music...Music is remarkable

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