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AMAZING, DUDE! this is really good. you've got alot of good stuff here! i'll download this for sure!

also, good ryhmes and rapping...i cannot rap. : (

i don't listen to rap much, but i love this little song's potential nonetheless!


joker77336 responds:


love it

this is such a good dance tune, kind of reminds me of kanye west's music. i love this one, and i downloaded it as well. i'll surley check out your other stuff!

a really good piece

i really like this.

good beat, good idea for a nice dance track, this sounds like something they would play in the clubs.

10/10 5/5

like it

good job. minus one star just because it grows repetitive after about 3 and a half minutes(no offense), but this is still really impressive. please check out my band's
sumbissions, too!


love it!

this is great, not as good as please intro, but it's still good.


i like this one alot.

one slight flaw: the bass synth.

i think it overpowers the whole song. with the bass a little lower, i'd give this a 10 of 10.

all in all: a good song, knowing this is one of your firsts.


carl565 responds:

yeah, good idea. it does seem way to loud. thanks alot for the review though!

really like it.

really good! i downloaded this, by the way.

just a little critisism:
i was relaxing to the song, y'know, just letting the world surround me.
...except for the reverse cymbals. it's still enjoyable, but i don't think
they should have been in that often.

but knowing this song is reflecting on a space journey, i'd still give this a ten anyways. nice work


carl565 responds:

thanks alot!!! yeah, i dont like the reversed cymbols i should take them out and submit it


when i hear this, it almost reminds me of the soundtrack of forrest gump. this sounds somewhat like the work of andrew-parker, his song "when all is said and done". really, really great!


Jabicho responds:

Cool! Thanks for that =D

really good

yet slightly depressing, it's still really good. you're a very talented piano player.
one of my songs "Me + (Your Name Here)" is a piano piece too, but not half as
good as yours! keep it up.


Jabicho responds:

Thanks for that man =), I just checked your piece, it sounds beautiful =)


nice work. especially the beat.

phosphorusprocedure responds:

Yerp. Thank you very much for listening.

Music...Music is remarkable

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