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i'm not here

great job. you sound like thom through the reverb =)

i pass through the mist air

i didn't realise i would be helping make an epic song by writing these lyrics. andd with who better than my grandfather? =) what makes the song this song is the fretless bass and voice. thank you so much for working on this with me. you don't know how much it means to me to know there's somebody out there(along with jake) that knows how to collaborate on new concepts and ideas.

love, eo


this whole thing sounds epic altogether. the piano is epic. i almost started crying when the strings came in. :) what you'd hear in a calm RPG or something. or a soundtrack. it's just great. keep it up and once again i'm inspired.


Jabicho responds:

Thanks for that my friend! I'm glad you liked the strings too =) thanks for saying it could be heard in a soundtrack or RPG, I'ts cool to know it inspired you =D


is your best one so far. =D the piano was awesome too. ^_^

i want to hear more of your songs. keep it up =))


Jabicho responds:

Thanks my friend! Hehe best one so far? that makes my day =D

I'm gonna post a new piece soon =)


great work. hilarious and funky lol. and garageband is awesome too haha. wish i had a mac =/

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Macs can do some pretty cool things, but the mic works with a PC as well.

great! :)

great song. brass was amazing. it conveys the feeling impressingly. is that a word?

anyways, wonderful song. i love it. thanks for producing and collaborating so far. ^_^


garyevor responds:

thanks eo, the pleasure was all mine. we'll do some more soon. can't believe this is my lowest song!!! Guess some didn't like it, that happens. look forward to seeing you soon.


love this song so much. the piano is so inspirational. this..is going to be a great animation.


Jabicho responds:

Thanks Eo, I love having my music in this animation, it means so much =D


great intro. like the muffled drums and piano at the intro. the audience is a nice touch, too.


nice one

great intro too. i am proud to say i own the 50th vote :) (voted 5 like you wanted)

LOVE the piano at about 0:44. nice work.

-eo =)

Terror-Proof responds:

ahaaha there is no piano ;)


sorry i didn't have time to check this out earlier...

...apperantley i was missing out. this, in my opinion, is a lot better than the original.

not that the original's bad, i still love the original, but this one...is great. the guitar thing was epic. keep rockin dude.


carl565 responds:

i thought the first version sucked cause the reversed cymbols were annoying, so i changed that problem and decided to make it an electric guitar song

Music...Music is remarkable

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